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Other Gearboxes

VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is the authorized distributor of Brooks Andell for Malaysia, for the product of Benzlers Gearboxes.


Benzlers is committed to being the premier supplier of high quality, standard, modified standard and custom engineered gearboxes.

The Benzlers product range, not only consists of the traditional standard product offering of worm gears, geared motors, couplings and industrial reducers, but also includes custom engineered gearboxes with an output torque range over 6 million Nm. The flexibility of Benzlers products, and the experience of Benzlers engineering design teams allow to design solutions to suit customer’s exact requirements in a wide range of applications and industries.

Other Gearbox Models

Benzlers Series J SALA Gear Malaysia

Series J – SALA gear – Series J shaft mount geared motor is a very user-friendly unit. Series J is a part of long line of power transmission drives which are known for their top of the quality design and technical solution, along with the use of high quality materials and components. Their robust design along with high gear and bearing lifetime make it a perfect solution for all types of low or heavy duty applications. With the V belt adaptable solution as a standard option it helps protect the gearing from extreme shock loading and ability to easily change speeds.

Benzlers Series BD Screw Jacks Malaysia

Series BD – Screw jacks Our Screw Jacks with their wide torque range and our extensive experience assembling complete packages ensures we can help you solve your difficult linear motion design challenges with our screw jacks solutions. Screw Jacks are the ideal product to push, pull, lift, lower and position loads of anything from a couple of kilograms to hundreds of tonnes. Many of our customers prefer our Series BD Screw Jack in preference to hydraulic or pneumatic jacks because of their greater precision and consistency.

Benzlers Series P Planetary Gears Malaysia

Series P – Planetary Gears The Planetary gear range is designed to be dimensionally interchangeable with other major manufacturers and is designed to be easily modified to suit more custom requirements. The end result is a high quality series of planetary gear reducers and geared motors offering a high load carrying capacity, high efficiency, quiet running and reliable drive solution.

Parallel (co-axial) drive options:

  • Base Mounted
  • Flange Mounted

Input options:

  • Input shaft with keyway
  • Motor adapter to suit fitting of IEC B5 motor
  • Motor adapter to suit fitting of NEMA C flange motor

Output options:

  • Output shaft with keyway
  • Hollow output shaft to suit connection with shrink disc
  • Output shaft with external spline
Benzlers Roloid Gear Pumps Malaysia

Roloid Gear Pumps The Radicon Roloid Gear Pump is robust, compact and versatile. It is easy to install, extremely reliable, and requires little maintenance in service.

Roloid Gear Pumps are suitable for pumping a wide variety of liquids which have some lubricating property. Radicon’s Systems Engineers will gladly assist with your choice of pump and help with its installation design. Taking care over filtration and pipework will ensure that the pump is put successfully to work giving trouble free operation in applications such as:

Lubrication Of:

  • Engines, Compressors, Gearboxes, Rolling Mills, Machine Tools, Process Plant, Pumping Sets and Turbines.

Transportation Of:

  • Engine Fuel Oils, Open Circuit Servo, Quenching, Cutting and Cooling Fluids, Oil/Water Emulsions, Viscous Vegetable and Animal Fats, Molasses, Bitumen, Wax, Paint, Lacquers and Viscose.

This product takes advantage of our many years of accumulated design expertise together with the use of high quality materials and components.

  • Nine standard sizes with discharge variations for each to give exact flow required
  • Double helical rotors ensure low noise and non pulsating flow
  • Accurate manufacture of rotors and housing gives high efficiency, provides self priming and discharge pressure up to 20 bar.
  • Robust journal roller bearings give long life and durability
  • Braked geared motors are available as standard
  • Designed to rotate in either direction
  • Numerous attachments, accessories and materials variants for specials: relief valves, steel bodies for AP1 spec, seals to handle up to 150 degC, rotors/adapters to handle contaminated fluids and particles.
  • Foot or flange pump mountings
  • Bracket, baseplate or foot/bell housing motor mountings.
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