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Industrial Hose, Fittings & Coupling


We have Stainless Steel, Hydraulic, Rubber and High Pressure Industrial Hoses & Flexible Expansion Joints that precisely adjusted to the working conditions and customer’s application. We are able to customize the hose based on client’s requirement & specification. Application range includes flexible hose assemblies for water, air, steam, food, fuel, oil and other petrochemical products, chemical substances, gases, solid etc.

Hydraulic Hose Industrial Hose Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Hydraulic Hose

We assemble all types of hydraulic hose assemblies – from regular rubber hydraulic hoses through thermoplastic, PTFE hoses, to specialised hoses for ultra high pressure with working pressure up to 3200 bar. We can be your supplier for either series production or single custom-made hose assemblies according to customer specification.

Fittings & Coupling

Industrial Fittings and Couplings Malaysia Singapore Brunei

We have fittings and couplings for industrial and hydraulic hoses according to customer specification, with any type of connection (metric, imperial, flanges, etc). The fittings can be made of carbon steel, brass, polypropylene or other requested material.

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