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3 Years Old
Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Kenya

On our company – VJ Engineering’s 20th year anniversary, which is also The Earth Day – 22nd of April 2022, we are proud to become the Foster Parent to Long’uro, the cute little elephant in Loisaba Conservancy, Kenya.

On April 18th, 2020 Long’uro was rescued from a well where he was stuck overnight and attacked by hyenas who left him with only one-third of his trunk.

His story is one of hope, courage and resilience. But also, a story that is groundbreaking, unprecedented and extraordinary!

5 Years Old
Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Kenya

We are delighted to become the foster parent for our second child – Kapai, a 4 years old Female Elephant.

She was found stranded and alone by the Sera Community rangers. It was suspected that she had lost her mother due to human wildlife conflict, as a carcass was found a few metres from her rescue point, the Kapai area.

A brave little elephant, with such a fighting spirit, was then safely transported to Reteti.  When she arrived she was very young and very weak and she immediately captured everyone’s hearts with her fighting spirit.

2.5 Years Old
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya

On 26th of Sept 2022, this brave 2.5 years old little girl was found standing guard over her mother’s body, helpless in Manyani, Tsavo West National Park, Kenya. Ahmed’s mother died of severe peritonitis, which was likely the result of a penetrating tusk wound.

The post-mortem also revealed that her mother was heavily pregnant. She had carried her unborn baby nearly full-term, but neither survived this terrible accident. They named her Ahmed — which, given her gender, might seem quite unconventional. In the initial turmoil, as the rescue team grappled with her rescue and her mother’s post-mortem, the orphan was misidentified as a male.

However, as she really responds to Ahmed, so the name stucks!

12 Years Old
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya

In conjunction with World Rhino Day (22nd Sept 2022), VJ Engineering is happy to become the adopted family to our newly adopted Rhino ‘Solio Ranch’ – a 12 year old Female Black Rhino from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, located in Kenya.

Solio has been rescued from poaching in 2010 when she was approx. 5 months old. And now, she has two wild born offspring named Sultan and Savannah.

Solio is extremely important to the survival of the Rhino species since the demand for rhino horn in the Far East has rapidly driving this ancient species to extinction.

3 Years Old
Dian Fossey Gorilla, Rwanda

In conjunction with World Gorilla Day (24th Sept 2022), VJ Engineering is happy to become the adopted family to our newly adopted Infant Gorilla ‘Twirinde’ – 1+ year old Mountain Gorilla from Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, Rwanda.

Born into Ntambara’s group on December 24, 2020, 1+ year old infant Twirinde is the youngest gorilla of expert mom Tegereza. Twirinde, meaning “protection,” still relies on her mom for food and transportation, but she loves to play and adventure around the group with the support and protection of her older brothers. Humans are pushing mountain gorillas out of the wild and into extinction.

The biggest threats to this once critically endangered great ape’s survival come from political instability, human encroachment, war and forest degradation. Only about 1,000 of these great apes remain in the wild, according to the most recent census.

Green Turtle
WWF Wildlife Species
Habitat Protection

In conjunction with World Wildlife Day on 3rd of March 2023, we are pleased to adopt Green Turtle, to support WWF’s effort on protecting wildlife and their habitats.

Green turtles are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Eleven distinct population segments (DPS) are listed as endangered or threatened. This means that the green turtle is in danger of extinction, now or in the foreseeable future, throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

Borneo Orang Utan
Protecting Orang Utans & Rainforest of Borneo

In conjunction with World Wildlife Day on 3rd of March 2023, we are pleased to support in protecting the Orangutans and the Rainforests of Borneo, by supporting Rainforest Rescue’s effort on protecting wildlife and their habitats.

Illegal logging inside protected areas and unsustainable logging in concessions where orangutans live remains a major threat to their survival. Today, more than 50% of orangutans are found outside protected areas in forests under management by timber, palm oil and mining companies.

WWF Heroes
Protecting Life of Earth
Save Endangered Species from Extinction

Every day of the year, WWF Heroes save endangered species from extinction, stop deforestation and many other threats to nature and people, conserve oceans and other critical habitats, and solve the world’s greatest environmental problems.

Nature is threatened like never before.