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Truxor Tools

VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of DOROTEA MEKANISKA – Sweden for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

VJ Engineering has been appointed as DOROTEA MEKANISKA’s Authorized Representative / agent for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, selling and providing services for Dorotea Truxor Amphibian Machinery and Doro Cutter.

Reed Cutting

Dorotea Mekaniska offers five different cutter units for the Truxor machines – Doro cutter 3090/3091, Doro cutter ESM 1700, Doro cutter ESM 2100, Doro Cutter ESM 2200, Doro Cutter ESM 1900, and Doro cutter ESM 2150.

The Doro cutter 3090 is recommended for water depth of more than 30 cm. For cutting operations on land use the ESM cutters. The four ESM cutters are equipped with double-action Busati knife systems which has sufficient capacity to handle heavy vegetation.

Collecting Rakes

Collection – just as important as cutting. Reed rake used for the collection and transportation of plants after reed cutting.

Dorotea Mekaniska offers four types of Rakes – Reed Rake Standard, High-Tip Rake, Lifting Rake and Rake with Sprung Pins. Check out below for more details on each type of Rakes.

The Cut water plants if left in the water can act as fertiliser. This is why we recommend that all cut materials be collected and removed. Harvesting and removing water plants helps prevent eutrophication.

Reed Rake Standard

Truxor Reed Rake Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Used for the collection and transportation of plants after reed cutting. It has foldable side sections. The rake can be supplemented with sieve plates for the collection of waste, algae, and absorbents (oil spill clean-up).

Working width: 2 or 3.5 m.
Weight: 60 kg
Item no. 94-22500

High-Tip Rake

Truxor High Tip Rake Malaysia Singapore Brunei

This rake has a higher tip, which facilitates the loading of trailers or barges. The rake is made of perforated plating which allows it to collect smaller particles such as waste, algae and absorbents (oil spill clean-up).

Working width: 2,13 m
Weight: 70 kg
Max. lifting height in water: 1,3 m
Max. lifting height on land: 1,7 m.
Item no. 94-47700

Lifting Rake

Truxor Lifting Rake Malaysia Singapore Brunei

This rake is the perfect choice when cleaning the shore and lifting heavy objects. The solid forks can lift stones, trees and plants with roots found along the shoreline and at the bottom of the lake. The forks are adjustable making it possible to reduce the working width.

Working width: 2 m
Weight: 41 kg
Item no. 94-68000

Rake with Sprung Pins

Truxor Rake with Sprung Pins Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Sprung pins can be moved in the water when the shoreline is uneven. The floating material can then be collected with the help of the standard rake.

Working width: 2,5 m
Weight: 40 kg
Item no. 94-47600

Oil Spill Cleaning

Sala Roll Pump

The Sala Roll Pump is suitable for decontamination of thick-flowing and polluted matter in places that are difficult to reach. The suction tubing can be placed in the Doro skimmer or used manually.

The Sala Roll Pump can either suck or pump just by changing the rotation of the pump. This is useful for example, when the Doro tank is to be emptied. The strong vacuum ensures excellent suction capacity. The high pressure makes it possible to transport the matter over long distance.

The Sala Roll Pump can be used alone with a suction nozzle or in combination with Doro Skimmer DS 800.

Doro Oil Spill Skimmer DS 800

The Doro Skimmer DS 800 is a mobile combi skimmer that works in shallow waters from approx. 2 cm. When an oil spill has been contained with oil booms, the booms can be mounted to the Doro skimmer’s bracket. As a result, the machine does not have to drive in the oil spill. The end covers of the Doro skimmer can be removed, which increases the capacity when the oil is thicker.

Doro Skimmer DS 800 Combined with Sala Roll Pump.
Capacity: 20 m3/h (thick oil)
Weight: 52 kg
Item no. 79-5000

Doro Spreader

With the Doro Spreader DM 1000 spreading oil-absorbing materials is easy. The oil absorbents limit the damage caused by oil that is spilled into the water. The rotating spreader head, controlled from the operator’s seat, is used to adjust the amount of absorbent materials to be delivered.

The Doro Spreader DM 1000 has a central divider which makes it possible to use half the working depth. The Doro Spreader DM 1000 can be used with most types of absorbents.

Weight: 66 kg
Load volume: 1000 l
Max. load weight:180 kg
L: 900 mm
W: 2000 mm
H: 800 mm
Item no. 79-15700

Doro Tank

The conditions for cleaning up oil spills vary depending on the environment. During the final phase of the work there are usually small areas of oil where it is practical to collect the oil in a mobile tank.

The Doro tank is mounted between the pontoons and is supplied with couplings that can be easily mounted to the Sala Roll Pump. When using the Sala Roll Pump to empty the tank it pumps out the oil via the suction tube. The Doro tank is used in combination with the Sala Roll Pump and Doro Skimmer 800.

Volume: 200 litre
Weight: 24 kg
Item no. 79-6000