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StormX OverFlo-Guard Trash & Debris Guard for Ponds & Reservoirs

Storm Water Systems-Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei

VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of Storm Water Systems – USA for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

VJ Engineering has been appointed as StormWaterSystems’ Authorized Representative / agent for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, to market, sell, install and to provide after sales services for StormX products. OverFlo-Guard Trash and Debris Guard for Ponds-Reservoirs Malaysia Singapore Brunei

StormXTM OverFlo-Guard was developed to prevent floating trash and debris buildup and blockage of traditional grated overflow structures. This device floats over and around existing vertical overflow pipes in ponds and reservoirs. It can be fabricated for both round and rectangular overflow structures.

Unique Features
    • Prevents trash and debris build-up at the overflow
    • Allows continuous drainage with 110% capacity
    • Corrosion-resistant UV stabilized HDPE
    • Floats freely above and around existing overflows
    • Additional grated top access
    • No size limitations

Over Trash flow Guard for Ponds-Reservoirs-Malaysia Singapore Brunei