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Portbin Seabed – Underwater Marine Litter Collector

for underwater ocean

VJ Engineering is the authorized agent of PortBin-SpilLTech, Norway for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

SpillTech is currently developing underwater seabed marine litter in ocean, which can collect garbages from the bottom down to a depth of 20 meters.

PortBin SeaBed Malaysia Singapore Brunei

The latest SpillTech development project is the PortBin seabed. A device for removing litter from the seabed in ports down to a depth of 20 meters. 94% of all plastic waste entering the sea will eventually end up on the seabed. A lot of it will sink in ports and marinas.

The awareness of sunken plastic and other waste being an environmental problem is increasing. Becoming ghost fishing devices and ending up as micro-plastics and toxic components entering the food chain, the need for cleaning up has become an environmental issue high on the agenda. Methods used today are expensive and time consuming. The collection are often rough on benthic fauna. Dragging grappling hooks, using boom trawls or even dives, can course severe damage to a soft bottom habitat.

SpillTech decided to design a collector able to pick up items from smaller bottles and boxes to larger items like tyres, bikes, shopping carts etc. with a minimum of environmental impact. When the The PortBin seabed is in action, you will see a slowly moving fleet. This will carefully collects all sunken litter and waste with a minimum of disturbance of the benthic flora and fauna. All other known methods (including divers), usually will disturb the seabed but not when using this system.