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Metoc Systems

VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of InterOcean System LLC, – USA for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

VJ Engineering has been appointed as InterOceans’ Authorized Representative / Agent for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, selling and providing services for Slick Sleuth Oil Leak & Spill Detection Systems and Ocean Graphics & Environment Equipments.

Remote Environmental Monitoring and Data Collection Systems

InterOcean’s Meteorological/Oceanographic Data Telemetry Systems are modularly designed for unique applications and environments, either directly
Remote Environmental Monitoring and Data Collection Systems Malaysia
connected or telemetry linked where direct cable connection may not be possible or practical. These systems consist of one or more remote monitoring stations and central base data acquisition stations. One or two-way telemetry is employed to allow both transmission of data from remote instruments to a base station and transmission of commands from base station for changing the operation mode of the instrumentation.


  • Meteorological Stations
  • Oceanographic Buoys/Stations
  • Moored Ocean Observatories
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Sediment Transport
  • Coastal/Offshore Engineering
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Research & Numeric Modeling
  • Vessel Traffic System Support
  • Port & Harbor Monitoring
  • Offshore Platform/SPM Monitoring
  • Multiplexed Telemetry Systems
  • Multiparameter Vertical Profiling

Coastal & Offshore Monitoring Buoys

Coastal & Offshore Monitoring Buoys Malaysia

InterOcean designs and manufactures a complete line of Meteorological/ Oceanographic buoys (often referred to as “Ocean Data Acquisitions Systems” [ODAS] or Met/Ocean [METOC] Systems) for a wide range of near-shore, coastal and offshore applications. These buoys are ruggedly constructed by InterOcean to survive harsh at-sea conditions, and are proven reliable at providing critical data over long-term deployments making them a dependable, cost-effective solution.

InterOcean has specialized in supplying modular system components (sensors, buoys, mooring hardware, telemetry systems, software, et al.), as well as complete “turnkey” systems. InterOcean’s integrated Monitoring Buoy Systems typically consist of: one or more buoy(s), mooring hardware, integrated sensors/ instrumentation, data acquisition system, self-contained (solar-charged) power supply, data telemetry (user-specified radio, cellular, satellite or hardwire) and a base station (receive/ present/ archive data and user interface for system monitoring and control). Universal compatibility in the design of hardware, interfaces and software architecture allows any combination of user-specified sensors to be integrated and facilitates easy, flexible system expansion.

Nearshore Monitoring

For shallow water measurements, InterOcean’s Near-Shore Monitoring Station incorporates a surface buoy containing power supply and data transmitting electronics, along with selected atmospheric sensors as required.

Coastal Monitoring

InterOcean’s Coastal Monitoring Stations (often used for deployments in water depths 30m to 200m) utilizes a bottom moored 1.2-meter diameter discus type buoy. The type of mooring is contingent on environmental conditions at the mooring site, as well as the type of sensors installed on the station.

Offshore Monitoring

InterOcean’s 2.3-meter diameter discus buoy is designed specifically for Offshore Monitoring applications, typically deployed in water depth greater than 200 meters. This buoy has the same electronic system and sensor suite as the Coastal Station, but the integral mooring system becomes an increasingly critical part of the system design, in accordance with site specific conditions.

Data Telemetry

Demand for real-time monitoring has become increasingly important for coastal and offshore applications, from both surface and bottom-mounted sensors. InterOcean offers numerous telemetry options for each of its monitoring system designs. A telemetry system will be integrated that is best suited to the users specific deployment and data requirements.

Base Station

As part of each integrated monitoring system, InterOcean offers a Base Station and any number of Mobile Laptop Units. The Base Station consists of a Windows-based laptop or desktop PC, configured with InterOcean Telemetry Software. Users may easily ‘point and click’ to monitor, process, store and display data, as well as control the data telemetry link (including acquisition of data from multiple Buoy Stations), monitor system diagnostics, and program sensor settings. Graphic display of the real-time data at the Base Station allows immediate user response. Also, processed data may be output to additional display locations, used for (SCADA) actuation functions &/or activation of alarms, and web-ready publishing of data via the Internet. It is also configured to provide remote access for technical (factory) support.