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Winches Acoustics

VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of InterOcean System LLC, – USA for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

VJ Engineering has been appointed as InterOceans’ Authorized Representative / Agent for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, selling and providing services for Slick Sleuth Oil Leak & Spill Detection Systems and Ocean Graphics & Environment Equipments.

Winches Acoustics

Our winches can be designed to operate off ship electric power (AC or DC), hydraulic or air systems and can be Winches Acoustics Malaysiapowered by auxiliary diesel, gasoline, battery, or manual sources.

Custom winches assure conformance to almost any set of requirements and repay the user many times over inconvenience, safety, and efficiency. An applications engineer will provide technical details and assistance in selecting the proper winch for the job or provide a technical and cost proposal for a custom winch.

Special Features of InterOcean’s Winches Acoustics:

  • Electric, Hydraulic, Diesel or Air Drive
  • Level Wind: Diamond or Servo
  • Digital Instrumentation: Speed, Length, Tension
  • Manual, Automatic or Computer Control
  • Low Noise, Instrument Grade Slip Rings
  • Computer Compatible RS232 Output
  • Rotary Water Joints
  • Custom Cables & Fairings
  • Custom Davits & Sheaves
  • Motion Compensation
  • Speed: Up to 100 m/min.
  • Load: 100-50,000 Kg.
  • Steel or Aluminum

InterOcean’s Winches Acoustics Used Worldwide:

  • Oceanographic
  • Marine Science
  • Deep Water Pumping
  • Cable Laying
  • Towing

High-Performance Cable Handling System

InterOcean Systems designs and manufactures a variety of standard and specialized platform mooring release systems and cable handling systems for Model 75030 Winchdeployment and recovery of critical sensors and equipment in the offshore environment. Our winches fill many needs from portable light-duty small boat operations to heavy-duty deepwater marine applications.

We offer many standard winch models for coastal, mid-water hydrographic, and deepwater oceanographic applications. Our experienced application engineers can assist in modifying our standard models or developing a custom winch for your specialized application.

Having engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art winches for over forty years, InterOcean standard and custom winches have earned a reputation for long and useful lives. Using a conservative design process, comprehensive quality guidelines, and proven manufacturing techniques allow us to provide the most reliable, robust, and easy to maintain systems that give long-term value to our customers.

  • Electric and hydraulic drives
  • Multiple drum sizes to handle a variety of cable lengths and sizes
  • Full range of control options
  • Multiple braking options
  • Available low-noise instrument grade slip rings

Portable Manual, Electric, and Hydraulic Winches

Small portable and light-duty winches are particularly useful in small boats or areas with limited access. Typical applications include shallow water instrument or transducer deployments, small tow vehicles, and light-duty sampling where cable storage and retrieval is kept neat and compact.

Model 388
LIght Duty Winches Malaysia Singapore BruneiLight Duty, Portable.

A portable electric winch that incorporates 12/24 VDC or 115/220 VAC electric motor with infinitely variable speed control, lightweight materials, and high quality construction for portability and long-term use on small boats.

The Model 388 is supplied with a mounting flange for optional slip ring assembly for use with real-time data cable. It also includes remote control and an optional boom for over-the-side operations.



Model 1673
Light to Medium Duty, Hydrographic. Light Duty Winches Malaysia Singapore Brunei

A proven multi-purpose hydrographic winch for CTD, side-scan sonar, and water sampling applications. Fully self-contained and incorporates an electric or hydraulic motor in the range of 1 hp to 10 hp with infinitely-variable joystick speed control, brake, level-wind, and optional slip-ring.

The Model 1673 is fabricated from lightweight aluminum allow using high-quality construction for portability and long-term use in the marine environment.

Medium-Duty Electric and Hydraulic Winches

InterOcean medium-duty winches are steadfast and robust, and designed to provide long-term utility for multiple applications. Typical uses include a wide range of mid-depth instrument deployment, hydrographic sampling, water column profiling, and towing applications using a variety of cables.

Model 10031
Medium-Duty Sonar Tow Winch.

Medium Duty Electric Hydraulic Winches Malaysia Singapore BruneiCombines a compact footprint with a large diameter drum. This configuration is ideally suited for handling larger diameter tow cables required by side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers, or towed vehicles from small to medium-sized vessels.

The Model 10031 is available with level wind, slip ring, and either electric or hydraulic drive systems in a range of 5 hp to 25 hp to allow a broad range of loads and applications.

Model 1871

Medium-Duty Hydrographic Winch for Tow/CTD.

A highly versatile medium-duty winch designed to accommodate longer cable lengths for mid-water hydrographic, CTD, and towing applications.

The Model 1871 incorporates steel construction for long-term marine operations with high reliability and exceptional utility. Can be configured with either electric or hydraulic drive systems in the range of 10 hp to 25 hp and incorporates level wind and remote joystick control as standard features. Slip ring, grooved drum, and other options are available.

Medium Duty Electric Hydraulic Winches Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Model 10031-M

Multi-Purpose Hydrographic Winch.

Compact and portable, the Model 10031-M is engineered for long-term durability and reliability necessary for towing geotechnical equipment such as side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, and magnetometers. It is also used for geophysical applications such as sediment sampling and coring, in addition to hydrographic work including CTD and sound velocity profiling, water sampling, and instrument deployments.

The Model 10031-M incorporates the latest in high-performance motor technology with programmable torque control, infinitely-variable speed control, fail-safe brake, grooved drum, level wind, and integrated cable monitoring systems. High-quality construction using marine-rated materials ensures long-term reliability on deck in the marine environment.

Medium Duty Electric Hydraulic Winches Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Heavy-Duty High Performance

InterOcean range of heavy-duty oceanographic winches brings decades of design experience and proven performance to work for deep-tow, oceanographic, and geotechnical applications. These winches are engineered for handling long cables and high tension with multiple configuration options available for a customized solution.


Model 9933
Heavy-Duty Deepwater Oceanography Winch. 

A capable, heavy-duty oceanographic winch for a Heavy Duty Winches Malaysia Singapore Bruneideep tow and sampling applications. The Model 9933 is designed for handling long multi-conductor or coax cable, fiber-optic cable, or wire rope for open-ocean oceanographic work.

The Model 9933 is available with an all-electric drive, hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic configuration in a range from 50 hp to 150 hp. Hydraulic configurations offer direct connection to ship hydraulics, or it may be supplied with an integrated or independent HPU. Includes grooved drum and level wind systems to assure perfect repetitive spooling and maximum protection of long cables under demanding conditions. Cable monitoring, display, control options, auto-rendering, and motion-compensation are available.

Heavy Duty Winches Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Model 9602
Heavy-Duty Deepwater Oceanography Winch.

The Model 9602 is another capable, heavy-duty winch for deep ocean towing and sampling applications, and is available with an electric, hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic drive system from 50 hp to 200 hp. Designed for high tension spooling and maximum protection of long cables under demanding conditions. Includes grooved drum and level wind system; cable monitoring, display,  control options, auto-rendering, and motion-compensation are available.



Model 75030
Heavy-Duty Deepwater Oceanography Winch

The Model 75030 is a multi-mission deepwater oceanographic Heavy Duty Winches Malaysia Singapore Bruneiwinch with advanced spooling, level-winding, cable monitoring, safety, and control features. It also has the capacity for handling full ocean depth electrical or fiber-optic data cable or wire rope with appropriate working loads for multi-purpose oceanographic applications.

Customized Winch Design

Whether based on a standard model or a completely new applications concept, we can design and deliver a winch for your application and chances are that we already have. From aerial tether management, to underwater-based profiling, to man-rated deployment systems, unique size constraints, special cable or control requirements, InterOcean has decades of custom winch engineering and design experience.

Give us your requirements and let us help guide you through the selection process to understand the technical, budgetary, and performance objectives that can be achieved by our standard models, modified variations, or using a completely customized approach.