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Self Inflatable Boom

expandiVJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of EXPANDI, Spain for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

self inflatable boom malaysia singapore bruneiEXPANDI® Self Inflatable Oil Booms are the most rapid, compact and easy-to-handle oil boom systems available.

It is always ready for immediate deployment, in packed condition it
requires very little space.

With no need for, power pack, air compressor or other auxiliary equipment this system guarantees reliable performance. EXPANDI® is the most popular oil boom system in the world.

With any oil spill or pollution problem, the first few minutes following the accident are vital to rapid containment and control. That´s why the compact, lightweight EXPANDI® Self Inflatable Oil Boom has been proven the most effective. Its rapid response means substantial money savings. By keeping spills from hitting the shore, it eliminates the excessive cost of inshore cleanup.

The EXPANDI® Self Inflatable has outsold any other single oil boom type worldwide – with more than 800,000 m are in service today.

The boom is self-inflating and expands the moment it is released. The boom has internally bound pliable frames which are pre-sprung with stainless steel springs. A patch of thick urethane rubber is placed outside each frame corner for increased durability. The sections are divided into airtight compartments, 1.5-2 m long or more depending upon the model. Each air compartment contains airtight bladders or air-traps for reserve buoyancy in case of damage.

This makes the EXPANDI boom virtually unsinkable. During tests, the boom has been filled completely with water but still maintained one third of the freeboard and an acceptable performance in operation. The protective foam layer around the frames secures significant, positive buoyancy even with no air in the chambers. A boom roll can be lowered from a crane or helicopter or simply tilted over the side of a boat, and be deployed from a floating position in the water. The least accessible, most distant areas can be reached in just a moment with an EXPANDI® Helicopter drop. A boom roll can be dropped right into the sea or lake for immediate response.

self inflatable boom malaysia singapore brunei


The sections are quickly and easily connected to make a boom of desired length. The connectors are flexible and have the same shape as the boom itself, which means that the EXPANDI® Self Inflatable Boom always work as a whole unit regardless of how many sections are coupled together.

self inflatable boom malaysia singapore bruneiBooms with rigid couplings are working in sections as the boom movement cannot be transferred from one section to the other. The EXPANDI® Self Inflatable Boom does not work under pressure which makes it extremely suitable in waves.

EXPANDI® Self Inflatable Oil Booms fully inflates automatically which means it is always ready for immediate use. No human interaction is required apart from pulling the towing rope in order to deploy the boom. Just pull the rope! It could not be easier!

EXPANDI® Self Inflatable Oil Boom can be operated with any kind of reel system, however, we strongly recommend the Roto Pac reel system especially developed for the EXPANDI® Self Inflatable Oil Boom. The Roto Pac system makes the operation efficient, effective, safe and easy, whereas other horizontal reel systems are more complicated to operate.

Column1 M2000 M3000 M4300   M6000
Total height (mm) 550 770 1100 1700
Freeboard (mm) 230 300 450 650
Draft (mm) 330 470 650 1050
Section length (m) 25 25 15.2 15.2
Color                                                                                                                                   Orange
End connector                                                                                                                                      Standard Expandi
Buoyancy elements                                                                                                                           Air at atmospheric pressure, airtight compartment of 1,5m
Weight (Kg/m) 2.52 3 6 9
Shipping vol. pr. sec.(m³) 0.2 0.28 0.39 0.6

self inflatable boom malaysia singapore brunei

self inflatable boom malaysia singapore brunei

self inflatable boom malaysia singapore brunei