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Heavy Duty Permanent Boom


VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of EXPANDI-Spain, AquaGuard-Canada, SpillTech-Norway for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

The Heavy Duty Permanent Boom is a long lasting structure designed to block and hold debris, branches, leaves and other trash materials.heavy permanent boom malaysia singapore brunei Often used in rivers, bays and harbors, these booms work to continuously provide pollution control and debris containment in your waterways.

Heavy Duty Permanent Boom uses a combination of materials including top molded flotation devices and bottom ballast chains. All booms are designed for long term use and effective debris control.

Our specially molded foam filled floats have a unique design that greatly enhances the impact resistance while providing high buoyancy reserve. High Density Polyethylene shells that are impregnated with UVEX™ an antioxidant and UV Stabilizer package which makes them exceptionally color stable and highly resistant to light degradation. The shell is filled with oil-impervious closed-cell urethane foam.

The floats are very simple to maintain and can be removed for cleaning from the heavy-duty belting with only two bolts.


Specification Details
Overall Height (mm) 650
Float Freeboard (mm) 200
Skirt Draft (mm) 450
Length 15m/section
Boom Material Rubber (Color: Black)
Floats High Density Polyethylene (Color: Orange)
Ballast Chain Galvanized Steel Weights
Connector ASTM Aluminum Marine Grader with Stainless Steel pins
heavy permanent boom malaysia singapore brunei