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Silt curtain


VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of EXPANDI-Spain, AquaGuard-Canada, SpillTech-Norway for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

Silt curtain barriers are designed to control theexpandi silt curtain malaysia singapore brunei settling of solids suspended in the water column usually created during construction or dredging operations. The use of silt curtain booms  reduces the impact of the suspended solids in the aquatic environment.

The silt curtain is a geotextile fabric screen attached to the skirt of any boom, normally cylindrical boom. The curtain let the water pass through but not the suspended solids. To ensure the vertical position of the curtain, a ballast chain is installed along a bottom hem.

Section length is 25 m and are connected to the ballast chain of the containment booms with shackles, besides silt curtains sections are connected each other with ropes or shackles.


Column 2 x 25 3 x 25 4 x 25 5 x 25
Fabric Geotextile 180 gr/m2
Length 25m
Height 2m 3m 4m 5m
Vertical Ballast ~ ~ Yes Yes
Ballast Chain Placed into a pocket at the bottom of the curtain
Connection to the boom With shackles
Weight (Kg/m) 48 53 66 73
expandi silt curtain malaysia singapore brunei
expandi silt curtain malaysia singapore brunei