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Expandi Folding Weir Skimmer

Expandi Malaysia Singapore Brunei

VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of Expandi for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

Expandi Folding Skimmer Malaysia Singapore Brunei

The Expandi Folding Weir Skimmer reduces the amount of water collected compared to a weir skimmer. It is very easy to handle and use. Just connect the discharge hose and adjust the floating ring to the water level. It is particularly useful in industrial areas, where there limited space for a skimmer.

The SK10F316VM Folding Weir Skimmer is a very rugged oil skimmer with a structure made of stainless steel. A simple weir skims the top layer of fluid (floating oil on water) into a hopper from which it is transferred by a pump. Generally, this type of skimmer takes more water when compared to brush, drum, or disc skimmers. In spite of this, the weir skimmer is the most widely used when operating with high volume and thick oil spills. When using this skimmer simply adjust the weir ring position with respect to the oil slick thickness. The skimmer works with an external suction pump. An operator should stop the suction pump when the water content of the recovered product is above the allowable limits.

The SK10F316VM Folding Weir Skimmer can be connected to the suction pump with a 2 inch hose.

Folding Weir Skimmer Malaysia Singapore Brunei