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Industrial Skimmer

Aqua Guard Malaysia Singapore Brunei

VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is the Authorized Exclusive Agent & Distributor of Aqua Guard for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

Industrial Skimmer Malaysia Singapore Brunei


Aqua-Guard’s industrial oil skimming systems are typically used in refinery and waste-water treatment facilities.

  • Aqua-Guard’s industrial oil skimming systems are typically used in refinery and waste-water treatment facilities to remove oil from a “primary” or “secondary” oil recovery process.
  • RBS TRITON™ and new ROTOX ultra heavy oil skimming systems out-perform the efficiency of traditional half-pipe weir skimmers and are able to operate 24/7 with minimal maintenance.
  • Aqua-Guard’s skimmer have been permanently installed in refineries around the world for several decades.
  • Containment of hazardous chemical
  • Rapid treatment of patients
  • Preparation of terrorist attacks


  • Options include electric/hydraulic and pneumatically powered solutions (explosion-proof/hazardous zone compliant). Aqua-Guard skimmers are self-adjusting to fluctuating basin levels thus reducing waste-water circulation and maximizing valuable oil recovery.
  • Aqua-Guard custom designs solutions to meet each specific application/installation.


Industrial skimmers Specifications

Industrial Skimmer Malaysia Singapore Brunei 2

Oil companies continue to reap the benefits as Aqua-Guard’s industrial RBS TRITON™ skimming systems recover valuable lost products.

Industrial waste water found in the internal collection sewers and basins of oil refineries contain valuable petroleum bi-products and raw crude oil. Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc. has developed an attractive solution for its customers to recover these products and return them into their refining process. Besides the financial return, there is a positive benefit to the environment by reducing the amount of hydrocarbons in their effluent waste water system.

Aqua-Guard’s RBS TRITON™ 60 model skimmers were installed in Chevron Canada’s Burnaby Oil Refinery in September of 2008 and have since been in service 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. The systems have been running over 50,000 hours of trouble free operation with an estimated hydrocarbon recovery of over 870,000 m3. These skimmers are only serviced twice a year, primarily for maintenance purposes.

Shell refineries in Asia and other national oil companies in Latin America also employ Aqua-Guard’s patented RBS TRITON™ oil skimming technology in their industrial processes to help optimize their refining operations and conforming to environmental requirements.

Aqua-Guard’s RBS TRITON™ range of industrial oil skimming systems (RBS TRITON™ 35, 60, 100 and 150) have been running trouble free in refineries for decades recovering millions of cubic meters of hydrocarbon products.