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Spill Kit Tools – Hazardous Disposal Bag, Brush & Scoop, Non Spark Shovel, Caution Wet Floor Sign Stand, Hazard Tape

We have complete tools to assist your spill response and we provide custom tools selection and proposals as per your spill response need; for both land based spill and water & waterways based spills. With our profound technical knowledge, experience and expertise, together with certified personnel in Spill Response, we have been assisting and guiding various industries on their spill prevention & response requirements.

Checkout some of our Spill Kit Response Tools for your selection. Please contact us for more customized requirements.

Hazardous Disposal Bag

Cheapest Yellow Hazardous Waste Disposal Bag Malaysia Singapore Brunei

SPILLFIX Hazardous Disposal Bags are used to contain all type of hazardous materials in order to dispose hazardous materials safely according to Department of Environment’s Regulation, including to dispose absorbent material used during spill response. This Hazardous Waste Disposal Bag is a must have items in your spill control and containment kit. This SPILLFIX Yellow Hazardous Disposal Bag has been designed using high-quality and thick HDPE material for heavy-duty usages. It has been labelled with large HAZARDOUS WASTE tagline on each bag for easier identification. There are 2 sizes available as below:




Large Yellow Hazardous Disposal Bag

91CM x 152CM

20 pieces/pack

Medium Yellow Hazardous Disposal Bag

49CM x 75CM

24 pieces/pack

Brush & Scoop

Brush and Scoop for Oil Chemical Spill Kit Malaysia Singapore Brunei

SPILLFIX Brush & Scoop Set is a heavy-duty industrial brush & scoop, designed to clean oil and chemical spill residues with the help of SPILLFIX Organic Granules. Spread some SPILLFIX Organic Granules on the floor where spill happens and use our SPILLFIX Brush as a scrubber to scrub the floor with the granules. Leave the granules on the floor for a while for it to absorb all the residue, and then use the brush and scoop to clean up all the granules and pack the used granules in a hazardous waste disposal bag.

Non Spark Shovel / Non-Static Shovel / Anti-Spark Safety Shovel / Oil Spill Shovel

Non Spark Anti Spark Safety Shovel Oil Spill Shovel Malaysia Singapore Brunei

our SPILLFIX Non Spark or Anti Spark or Anti Static Safety Shovel are used as Oil Spill Shovel for both marine and industrial usage. This is a high-quality heavy-duty industrial non spark shovel which is widely used while cleaning-up oil and chemical spills. This shovel is used for various spill cleaning activities for on-shore & off-shore applications.

Caution Wet Floor Sign Stand

Caution Wet Floor Sign Stand for Oil Chemica Spill Kit Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Our SPILLFIX Caution Wet Floor Sign Stands are durable plastic, which are being used to notify and remind people of slip and fall hazards in the immediate area. This Hazard Wet Floor Sign is used during the presence of liquid or other slippery substance on the walking surface as a result of accidental spills, product leaks, etc.

Hazard Tape or Caution Tape

Hazardous Tape Caution Tape Floor Marking for Oil Chemical Spill Malaysia Singapore Brunei

SPILLFIX Hazard Floor Marking Tape is used to mark the radius of spill area to call attention in your facility. The bright hazard pattern is eye-catching, ensures the surrounding people noticed it. This strong vinyl tape is easy to use and below are its advantages:

  • Applies instantly and is ready to use immediately
  • Can be used at both indoor and outdoor.
  • Durable and visible tape.