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FuelCare FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide

FuelCare Malaysia Singapore Brunei

VJ Engineering is the Exclusive Authorized Agent of FuelCare, – UK for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.


Fuelcare have manufactured fuel quality tests kits & biocides for over 30 years, advising some of the world’s largest OEM’s including Airbus, BP, Shell. Fuelcare is a member of IASH (International Association for the Stability & Handling of Liquid Fuels) and the Energy Institute.

What is Diesel Bugs

Microbial Fuel Contamination, or ‘the Diesel Bug’ the build up of Bacteria, Yeasts & Moulds in Hydrocarbon fuels.

Microbial Fuel Contamination Solution FuelClear Biocide Malaysia Singapore Brunei

The ‘Diesel Bug’ is the growth of bacterial & fungal slimes in your fuel. This contamination is found in almost every fuel system, and particularly where fuel is left for long periods undisturbed. The Diesel Bug manifests itself as:

  • Disscoloured fuel often with an ‘eggy’, foul smell.
  • Black or brown sludges on fuel tank bottoms, fuel filters and fuel pumps.
  • Slimes and sludges on fuel tank walls.
  • Red or brown metal corrosion in fuel tank bottoms or walls

FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide

FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide for Bacteria Fungus Elimination Malaysia Singapore BruneiFuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide is a powerful microbiocide that rapidly cures & prevents bacterial & fungal contamination (’The Diesel Bug’) in all middle distillate fuels. FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide provides complete fuel system protection, preventing filter blinding, tank corrosion and offering long term fuel protection against the growth of harmful microbes.

FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide uses a powerful active chemistry called ‘CMIT/MIT’ that rapidly neutralises harmful microbial growth. CMIT/MIT has been used for over 20 years as a highly effective anti-microbial ingredient in fuel biocides, used widely in global shipping, oil & gas and aviation sectors for its safety, efficiency & speed. M68 uses CMIT/MIT to protect all 4 major fuel system components:

FuelCare FuelClear M68 Protects Fuelpump from Fungus & Bacteria
FuelCare FuelClear M68 Protects Tanks from Fungus & Bacteria
FuelCare FuelClear M68 Protects Pump from Fungus & Bacteria

FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide cures & prevents bacterial & fungal contamination (’The Diesel Bug’) in Diesel, Gas Oil, Petrol, Heating Oil, Biodiesel, Fuel Emulsions. Marine, Rail, Agriculture, Automotive, Home Heating, Power & any other professional fuel-using application. FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide is available in 250ml, 1l or 5l bottles. 1l is sufficient to treat 3,000 litres of contaminated fuel and will restore fuel quality in 12-24 hours. Used as a preventative measure, a 1l bottle will treat 6,000 litres of clean fuel and provide up to 3 months protection

Performance of FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide

FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide is highly effective at very low use levels against microbial species (bacteria, fungi, yeasts) commonly encountered in fuel systems. FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide causes immediate inhibition of growth on coming into contact with a microorganism and growth inhibition rapidly becomes irreversible resulting in cell death.

FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide conforms to all E.U. Biocide Products Directive legislation. The
active chemistry CMIT/MIT has been notified under B.P.D. rules

  • Used globally since 1989.
  • CMIT/MIT 3:1 Active Ingredient.
  • Material Compatibility with a wide range of metals, thermoplastics & elastomers.
  • Manufactured under license with DuPont.
  • E.U. Biocides Products Directive approval (CMIT/MIT Product Family).
  • Extensive engine testing & usage.
  • Preventative Dosage: 333ppm (1:6000)
  • Curative Dosage: 666ppm (1:3000)

FuelCare FuelClear Performance to treat bacteria and fungus

The time to achieve eradication varies according to he extent of the contamination and the type of microorganism present. Typically, as the graph indicates, within 24 hours of treatment the fuel will again be fit for use.

Fuelclear M68 Fuel Biocide Technical Data

10ml of FuelClear M68 Fuel Biocide treats 60L of clean fuel (1:6000) or 30L of contaminated/spoilt fuel (1:3000). Fuel will be ready to use after 6 hours, however, a minimum of 12 hours is recommended.

Because CMIT/MIT biocides use a chemical mechanism of bacterial neutralisation, as opposed to an organice one, contaminant cells are eradicated in whole as opposed to being disabled and then able to adapt. For this reason bacterial resistance is highly unlikely.

What is Diesel Bug - Fungus, Bacteria, Yeasts, Molds , Oil Contamination
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