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Oil Filtration System for Hydraulic Oil, Lube Oil & Gear Oil

Oil Filtration System Hydraulic Turbine Lube Malaysia Singapore BruneiFiltration Systems that are designed for removing both solid particles and moisture in all the three forms including dissolved, emulsified and free water. Clients can avail these systems in standard specifications or custom-made based on client’s requirement. We have designed these oil filtration systems for delivering enhanced performance at minimum cost of operation.

We are instrumental in offering a wide range of Online and Offline Oil Filtration Systems. Manufactured using premium quality raw material, this range is in strict compliance with the international quality standards and parameters. The system also available with ATEX and Equivalent Certification.

The offered range is highly appreciated for its efficiency in removing contamination from Hydraulic oil, Lube Oil and Turbine Oil. We have separate Oil Filtration System for Diesel and Fuel Oil As well. Known for its unique design, robust construction, superior performance and high efficiency, This range is high on demand. Moreover, it can be easily installed on any hydraulic power-pack as a by-pass oil filtration unit thus yielding unexpected results.

Technicalities and functionality:

  • Even the transparent oil has certain amount of dissolved moisture, which increases with time and the emulsification process starts.
  • This leads into the oil losing its transparency, becoming milky white and after the saturation limit; the water & oil get separated.
  • Water settles down at the bottom in free form.
  • Excess water can always be separated from oil by heating it up to 500C and then allowing it to settle down as oil remains on the upper surface.
  • Then it can be easily taken out manually by decantation or similar process.
  • Our purifier should not be used to remove such type of excess water which can be separated easily and manually, rather it is one of those machines, which are able to remove dissolved or emulsified water.
  • It can be used for bringing the moisture to almost zero level and making the oil dry to retard oxidation and acid formation.
  • If require, it may be employed for removing even 6 or 7 % water, otherwise it should be avoided as consumption of filters will be more and uneconomical.
  • Even new oil has at least 0.06% moisture.

All our Filtration System can be custom-build with:

  • Laser particle counter with moisture content. This device displays and transmits real time ISO Cleanliness Codes and moisture content information. This instrument can be used to start, stop or transfer flow between two or more reservoirs.
  • Varnish removal stage to remove varnish and sub micronic and soluble varnish from any system.
  • Water absorbent elements
  • Explosion proof Class 1 Div 2 or Class 1 Div 1 ( NEMA 7) Rated systems
  • Low watt density oil heaters
  • Variable flow rates
Small Portable Mobile Oil Filtration Cart Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Combustion Technologies, USA offers Portable Oil Filtration Cart, Stationery as well as By-Pass Filtration unit. This system designed to filter oil to meet or exceed new oil cleanliness specifications. The system is designed to remove particulate contamination from Hydraulic & Lube oil.

The filter cartridges have a filtration rating of 2-micron at a NAS 6-7 filter efficiency. The viscosity range the cart can handle is between 10-220 cSt @ 100. This technology also available in stationery unit and by-pass unit for client’s who require mounted type filtration unit. The same system can be  custom build for your application from 2-GPM up to 600-GPM.

Hydraulic Lube Oil Purification Plant Malaysia Singapore Brunei

High Purity NorthWest, USA Filter Transfer Carts and Kidney Loop Filtration Systems are rugged Industrial systems for use where cleanliness of oil is critical. Whether portable or stationary, these systems feature BETA 1000 Absolute rated micro-glass filter elements in a variety of micron retention ratings to meet the ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code requirements for any industrial system. Two Stage Systems are available with Adsorptive Depth Cellulose Varnish Removal Filter Elements. All System filter elements are available in water absorptive versions. Certain system applications may also include adsorptive media for acid reduction or adsorptive depth cellulose filtration to aid in the removal of dissolved varnish and sludge.

These systems are available in a variety of flow rates ranging from 2 GPM to 150+ GPM and standard features include TEFC motors, positive displacement gear or screw pumps with integral pressure relief, top loading filter assemblies, color coded differential pressure gauges to monitor filter life, NEMA 4 electrical enclosures and a two-part epoxy paint coating.

Oil Recycling System Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Miminac Systems, India is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm manufacturing extensive range of Oil Filtration & Cleaning Systems. Minimac offers trolley mounted portable Oil Cleaning Machine which can clean almost all industrial oils to Super-clean levels NAS 4 even from dirtiness levels of NAS 99.

Another prime advantage with these machines is that low vacuum dehydration attachment is inbuilt for fast removal of moisture/water from the oil. These machines are versatile in usage and can be used to clean oil in tanks (online) or in offline barrels and stand-by tanks. The benefit of such systems is that a single machine can be used to clean a number of oil tanks in a plant.