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Oil Sampling Hub

VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is the authorized Agent of Luneta, USA for the country of Malaysia

Luneta HUB Malaysia Singapore Brunei

The Hub turns one port into five. Eliminate the need to build elaborate assemblies of elbows, crosses and T’s just because there is only one port on your machine. The Hub provides two lateral 1” NPT ports, two lateral ¾” NPT ports, and one central ¼” NPT port that is designed primarily for a sampling valve. The central port is shielded to protect the sampling valve from accidental impacts and debris. The lateral ports can be used to attach drain valves, quick connects, filter carts, bowls, columns and sight glasses. The Hub is adjustable every 45° so an optimal orientation can be achieved during installation. The Hub is best used in conjunction with Luneta’s Column and Bowl. The Hub ships with a sampling valve, stainless steel pilot tube and four steel plugs to seal any unused ports.

Luneta Hub Application Advantages Usages


  • Application: Oil level and drain ports
  • Threads: Varies (see table)
  • Dimensions: 3.5”L x 3.5”W x 2.9”H
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 lbs. each
  • Recommended Temperature: -40°F to 400°F (-40°C to 204.4°C)
  • Recommended Pressure: 65 psi./4.5 bar
  • Sampling Valve Options: Standard (M16x2) OR high flow sampling valve with 12-inch pilot tube
  • Materials: Body: epoxy powder-coated aluminum; Connector: zinc-plated steel; Plugs: zinc-plated steel; Sampling Valve: zinc-plated steel; Bolts: black oxide; Pilot Tube: stainless steel; O-Rings: Viton™
  • Outdoor Compatibility: Yes
  • Chemical Compatibility: Resistant to mineral and synthetic oils that are compatible with fluorocarbon elastomers (Viton™)
  • The Hub Includes: The hub body, connector, 1” plugs (2), 3/4” plugs (2), sampling valve, pilot tube, connector bolts (4), hex keys for plugs and connector bolts

Luneta HUB Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Available Models:

Part Number Description
HUB.050NPT Luneta HUB, 1/2″ NPT
HUB.075NPT Luneta HUB, 3/4″ NPT
HUB.100NPT Luneta HUB, 1″ NPT
HUB.125NPT Luneta HUB, 1 1/4″ NPT
CMPOD.150NPT Luneta HUB, 1 1/2″ NPT
HUH.150NPT Luneta HUB, 1/2″ BSPP
HUB.050BSPP Luneta HUB, 3/4″ BSPP
HUB.075NPT Luneta HUB, 1″ BSPP
HUB.100NPT Luneta HUB, 1″ BSPP