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Karl Fischer Moisture Measurement Equipment

Karl Fischer Moisture Measurement EquipmentSeveral methods are available to determine the water contamination level in fluids. One of the method is by using Karl Fisher. Karl Fischer titration is a classic titration method in analytical chemistry that uses coulometric or volumetric titration to determine trace amounts of water in a sample.

On the other hand, Karl Fischer titrator (Coulometric) is one of the most accurate method used to determine water content. Unlike other techniques, it can trace low levels of free, emulsified and dissolved (which cannot be detected with other methods such as a crackle test). When used correctly, the test is capable of measuring water levels as low as 1 ppm or 0.0001 percent.

Difference between Volumetric vs. Coulometric:
Titration is a chemical analysis that determines the content of a substance, such as water, by adding a reagent of known concentration in carefully measured amounts until a chemical reaction is complete. There are two types of Karl Fischer titrators: volumetric and coulometric titrators. The main difference between the two is that with the volumetric method, the titrant is added directly to the sample by a burette. Conversely, with the coulometric method, the titrant is generated electrochemically in the titration cell. The coulometric method measures water levels much lower than the volumetric method.

On, overall, our Karl Fisher features are:

  • Volumetric Titration / Coulometric Titration
  • Easy to operate fully automatic Karl Fischer Titrator
  • Dispensing unit for uninterrupted operations
  • LCD display screen for user friendly operations
  • Result in Percentage, PPM and mg of H2O
  • Supports two methods for factor: Water and DST
  • Factor mode: Calculates the Average Factor
  • Range: 50 PPM to 100%
  • Parallel port printer interface

Available Models of Karl Fisher:

  • Karl Fisher Volumetric Titration (for Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Agriculture, Distilleries, Dairy, Fine Chemicals and Petroleum Industries)
    • VEEGO/MATIC-MD / VEEGO/MATIC-MD(PC): Microcontroller Based Digital Automatic Karl Fisher Moisture Analyzer
    • VEEGO MATIC-EX: Microcontroller Based Digital Automatic Karl Fisher Moisture Analyzer
  • Karl Fisher Coulometric Titration (for Transformer Insulation Industries)
    • VEEGO MATIC-III: Karl Fisher Moisture Analyzer