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Soot Test Kit


VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of GESERCO for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

Monitoring of Soot Content in Used Engine Oils

soot test kit geserco malaysia singapore bruneiThe GESERCO Soot Test Kit allows for fast, simple and accurate measurement of soot content (combustion residues or carbon matters) in used engine lubricating oils.

The high level of sensitivity and accuracy of the test kit makes it applicable to monitoring either the high soot levels which can be found in Diesel engine oils up to 15% soot, but also in the very low soot levels which can be found in gas powered engines.

The GESERCO Soot Test Kit is a strong and rugged tool which can be operated in the field by any personnel, expert or not.

Digital Optical Tester :

The GESERCO Rapid Optical Oil Tester has a last generation infra-red sensor which combines measurement reliability with high sensitivity even in the most demanding environment.

Standard embedded functions include:

  • Digital Optical Tester Malaysia Singapore Brunei
  • Local display of operating instructions
  • Memory capability for up to 90 test
  • Measurement of Carbon Matters contents (soot) within 5 seconds.
  • Easy to read large dot matrix display
  • Instant test result evaluation
  • Excessive Carbon Matters (soot) in oil alarm
  • Automatic time-stamping of results
  • USB port for downloading results

The kit is housed in a strong and light aluminum case.

The kits include all accessories, reagents and operating manuals for performing and understanding 50 tests unless otherwise specified.The kit is housed in a strong and light aluminum case.