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Winch & Hoist – Electric, Hydraulic, JTP Mine Hoist, Marine Windlass Hoist, Crane

Electric Winches

We supply custom made Electric Winches that are mainly used for large and oversize concreate construction of steel installation ans dis-assembly of mechanical equipment. This structural characteristic of wire rope allows safe and reliable of lifting.electric-winch-malaysia-singapore-brunei
Our electric winches are widely used for installation of various bridges, at ports, at docks, and other road and bridge projects as well as at large-scale factories and mining engineering equipment.

  • Below are some main features of our Electric Winches:
  • Local / remote control method
  • Bevel / Spur gear gearbox
  • Speed: One speed or Variable Speed by VFD on optional
  • Customized Electrical Cabinet: PLC, Explosion Proof, Wireless Communication, etc
  • Accessories: Load Cell, Limit Switch, Encoder, Real-Time Display, Safety Brake, etc
  • Rope Guider on Optional
  • Flat Drum or Grooved Drum

We also have smaller size and standard capacity Electric winches. Client may contact us with your requirement for us to assist you further.


Electric Friction Winch

Electric Friction Winch is mainly used for the drawing and lifting of long travel distance of all kind of large and super large concrete and steel structure and cable.Electric Friction Winch Malaysia Singapore Brunei
The characteristic is that the speed of lifting rope is constant and the lifting is smoothly operated. It is widely used in various bridge construction, port and dock engineering and construction of large scale bridge as well as at large factories, for power engineering equipment installation and so on.

Below are some of the main feature of Electric Friction Winch:

  • Local / Remote Control Method
  • Constant speed, Constant force
  • More than 2000m rope capacity & variable
  • Customized electrical cabinet: PLC, Explosion Proof, Wireless Communication, etc.
  • Accessories: Load Cell, Limit Switch, Encoder, Real-Time Display, Safety Brake, etc.

Electric Friction Winch Malaysia Singapore Brunei2

Mining Hoist

Our Mining Hoist is used mainly for inclined roadways or small shafts in coal mining, metal mining, and non-metal mining, and used for lifting materials and personnel.

Our hoist is manufactured based on:

  • AQ1033-2007 TTP-Type Mine Hoist Winch Safety Inspection Specification for Coal Mines
  • JB/T7888-2010 JTP Type Mine Hoist Machine Winch Industrial Standard
  • Q/YZ005-2020 JTP Type Mine Hoisting Winch
  • Coal Mine Safety Regulations
  • GB16423-2020 Metal and Non-Metal Mine Safety Regulations design and manufacture

Mining Hoist Supply Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Mining Hoist Supply Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Winch Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Our Hydraulic Winch is consist of a variety of valves, hydraulic motors, multi-plat hydraulic brakes, planetary reducers, rolls, and racks composed of one-way or two-way balance valves and high-pressure shuttle valves for controlling hydraulic brakes. Client only need to be equipped with pumping stations and reversing valves.

As our winch has its own valve group, it is not only simplifies the hydraulic system, but also improves the reliability of the transmission device.

Our Hydraulic Winch’s Main Features are as below:

  • Low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and compact structure
  • Rope Presser or Rope Guiders on optional
  • Capacity ranges from 0.5 ton to 100 ton
  • Different types of hydraulic motor options: Piston Motor, High Speed Motor, Dual Speed Motor, Variable Motors, etc
  • Different types of Fitting options: Check Valve, Balance Valve, Relief Valve, Solenoid Valve, Throttle Valve, Collecting and Diverting Valve, etc.

Hydraulic Winch Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Mooring Winch

A mooring winch is a sheet of machinery that assists in keeping your boat stable. Additionally, it may efficiently function as a control anchor if you find no device for mooring your boat.

We have both Electric Mooring Winch as well as Hydraulic Mooring Winch. Both these winches can be designed and manufactured based on your specific requirement. Our standard models are ranging from 10kN upto 1000kN while the wire rope diameter ranging from 10mm upto 85mm.

Electric Mooring Winch

Electric Mooring Winch Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Electric Mooring Winch Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Hydraulic Anchor Windlass and Electric Anchor Windlass 

An anchor windlass is a machine that restrains and manipulates the anchor chain on a boat, allowing the anchor to be raised and lowered by means of chain cable. A notched wheel engages the links of the chain or the rope. A windlass is typically used to lift heavy loads and manipulate the anchor chain on a vessel. This allows the anchor to be raised and lowered.

We have both Electric Anchor Windlass and Hydraulic Anchor Windlass. Our standard Electric Anchor Windlass and Hydraulic Anchor Windlass starts from 15kN working load upto 250kN while chain diameter starts from 19mm upto 78mm. We are also design and manufacture anchor windlass based on client’s requirement.

Electric Anchor Windlass 

Electric Anchor Windlass Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Hydraulic Anchor Windlass 
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Customized Winch Design

Whether based on a standard model or a completely new applications concept, we can design and deliver a winch for your application and chances are that we already have. From aerial tether management, to underwater-based profiling, to man-rated deployment systems, unique size constraints, special cable or control requirements, InterOcean has decades of custom winch engineering and design experience.

Give us your requirements and let us help guide you through the selection process to understand the technical, budgetary, and performance objectives that can be achieved by our standard models, modified variations, or using a completely customized approach.