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Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

shutdown maintenance services hover Malaysia Singapore BruneiBreakdown Maintenance Service
We provide repair services for machineries breakdowns. Our breakdown maintenance service will never affect the operation or production or generate any significant losses.

Preventive Maintenance Service
We also provide scheduled maintenance ( cleaning, inspection, oiling and re-tightening ), design to retain the healthy condition of equipment and prevent failure through the prevention of deterioration, periodic inspection or equipment condition diagnosis, to measure deterioration. We offer two types preventive maintenance which are the periodic maintenance (maintenance consists of periodically inspecting, servicing and cleaning equipment and replacing parts to prevent sudden failure and process problems) and predictive maintenance (service life of important part is predicted based on inspection or diagnosis, in order to use the parts to the limit of their service life.). Through Preventive Maintenance, the equipment life can be prolonged by doing preventive maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance Service
Our Corrective Maintenance service will improve the equipment and its components so that preventive maintenance can be carried out reliably. Equipment with design weakness will be redesigned to improve reliability or improving maintainability.

Maintenance Prevention
We provide Maintenance Preventive Services by designing a new equipment. We study the weakness of current machines ( on site information leading to failure prevention, easier maintenance and prevents of defects, safety and ease of manufacturing ) and are incorporated before commissioning a new equipment.