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Moulded Rubber Products Fabrication

We offer wide range of Industrial Rubber products, Polyurethane products and Polymer products which can be Custom Made according to specification and requirements from concept to prototype, and production to finished items.
The well engineered Rubber Product’s performance will be more advantageous to the production application, cost saving and higher profit as a whole. We provide solution for all your polymer (polyurethane, rubber and engineering plastic) needs. Whatever fabricating requirements you may have, we can provide accurately-manufactured, on-time finished products.

Rubber Moulded Product For Building Structure Protection Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Building Structure & Protection

  • Mechanical Structure Rubber Buffer
  • Loading Bay Rubber Bumper & Fender
  • Heavy Vehicle Wheel Chock & Wheel Stop
  • Pillar & Wall Guard, Rack Protector
  • Anti-Vibration Mat & Impact Disc
  • Elastomeric Bearing Pad & Etc

Mechanical & Engineering

Rubber Moulded Product For Mechanical Engineering Malaysia Singapore BruneiMechanical engineer are expected to apply in current technologies and principals to develop useful machinery and replacement component or parts, product design, production handling system and manufacturing processes requested tolerance and closer parameters to structural safety and durability of mechanical parts. We offer:

  • Mechanical Coupling Rubber Pin Bush
  • Anti-Vibration Mechanical Mounting & Pad
  • Industrial Roller & Wheel
  • Rubber Bellow & Cover
  • Rubberise Grooving Track Pad
  • Rubber Ball & Grommet
  • Rubber Suction Pad & Cap and Etc

Vehicle & Automation

Rubber Moulded Product For Vehicle And Automation Malaysia Singapore BruneiNew rubber material technologies allow us to produce more structural safety, comfort, durability, weight control and cost effective in the newly vehicles. The product range includes:

  • Engine Mounting & Damper
  • Anti-Vibration & Sound Insulation Pad
  • Electronic Device Cover & Sealing Grommet
  • Heavy Truck Rear Impact Bumper
  • Wheel Chock For Heavy & Light Vehicle & etc

Pipe Valve & Pump Connection

Rubber Moulded Products For Pipe Valve Pump Connection Malaysia Singapore BruneiA valve and pipe fitting is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, slurries or water). Majority used in water controlling for Irrigation in the industrial, commercial, residential, and transport sectors. Rubber Products may found in most valve and pipe fitting, they perform sealing and fluid volume control importance feature in the operation works. Our product range are:

  • Rubber Valve Diaphragm & Pitch Tube
  • Rubber Flange Gasket, Washer & O-Ring
  • Rubber Seal & Collar
  • Moulded Impeller
  • Valve Rubber Ball & Etc

Hand Build & Lining Works

Ballmill Tank Agitator Hand Build Lining Works Malaysia Singapore BruneiRubber Lining Works usually are huge or item that may not use high pressure rubber vulcanize machine. It will vulcanize in autoclave, steam pressure or self vulcanize process. Our product range are:

  • Pipe With Flange Lining
  • Cyclone
  • Tank & Vessel
  • Jig & spigot
  • Agitator & Etc
  • Ball Mill & Mixer

Polyurethane & Polymer Products


  • Truck Bushing
  • Automobile Bushing

Cast Iron

  • Cast Iron coated Polyurethane
  • Cast Iron Rims

Engineering Plastics

  • Row of Nylon Guide Rollers
  • Pre-Fab Nylon Parts
  • Parallel Pipe Guide Roller
  • Nylon and Shaft Assembled
  • Nylon Pipeline Guide Roller
  • Nylon Flange Assembled
  • Heady Duty Pipe Line Guide
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Guide
  • Various Engineering Plastics
  • Various Engineering Plastics Rods

Metal Engineering

  • Static Balancing
  • Shaft for Steel Mill
  • Shaft Balance
  • Metal Roller for Steel Mill
  • Magnetic Drum Roller
  • Machining Steel Roller
  • Knurling Processing for Roller
  • Knurling Process

Moulded Polyurethane

  • Wire Guide Roller
  • Twin Funnel Bush
  • Timber Conveyor Pad
  • Steel Roll Clamp
  • Spinder Roller and Shape
  • Solar Guide Roller
  • Small Machine Mount
  • Sliding Door Roller
  • Seal Spacer
  • Polyurethane V-Groove
  • Polyurethane Tube
  • Polyurethane Support Block
  • Polyurethane Stopper
  • Polyurethane Spindle Roller
  • Polyurethane Spacer
  • Polyurethane Sleeve
  • Polyurethane Mounting
  • Polyurethane Mounting Pad
  • Polyurethane Knob
  • Polyurethane Guide
  • Gear Coupling
  • Polyurethane Gasket
  • Polyurethane Fabrication
  • Polyurethane Crusher Roller
  • Polyurethane Coated Screw
  • Polyurethane Coated Bracket
  • Polyurethane Channel Guide
  • Polyurethane Chamber Guide
  • Polyurethane Bushing
  • Polyurethane Bracket
  • Molded Polyurethane Funnel
  • Mix Bushing
  • Machine Mounting
  • Green Bushing
  • Escalator Rollers
  • Different Core Crusher Roller
  • Crusher Roller
  • Channel Protector
  • Brown PU Block
  • Block and Bushing
  • Aluminium Core Crusher Roller

Oil & Gas

  • Replacement Pipeline Pigging Parts
  • Pressure Cap
  • Polyurethane Cap
  • Pipeline Pigging Parts
  • Pipe Lining
  • Anchor Rope Protector
  • Diablo Roller
  • Pipe Diablo Rollers
  • Polyurethane Fender
  • Pipe Cable Tensioner
  • Pipe Cable Tensioner
  • Polyurethane Metal Pad
  • Polyurethane Pigs Pipe Cleaning

Polyurethane Linings

  • Valve Lining
  • Recoating Vibration Bucket
  • Propeller Cover Lining
  • Polyurethane Coated Attachment
  • Pipeline Support
  • Metal Pipe Coating
  • Forklift Attachment Coating
  • Drum Lining

Polyurethane Rod and Sheet

  • Polyurethane Standard Rod
  • Polyurethane Rod
  • Polyurethane Ring
  • Polyurethane Funnels
  • Polyurethane Block Sheet
  • PU Sheet
  • Multi color Polyurethane Rods
  • Hollow PU Rod
  • Funnel Rod


  • Timber Roller
  • Spiral Groove
  • Smoothly Polished Roller
  • Rotator Roller
  • Refurbished Rotator Roller
  • Recoated Pressure Roller
  • Quarry Conveyor Roller
  • Printing Roller
  • Pressure Roller
  • Machining Quarry Conveyor Roller
  • Lift Rollers
  • Guide Channel Roller
  • Glue Roller
  • Gear Roller
  • Feeder Roller
  • Deflector Roller
  • Custom Design Roller
  • Conveyor Roller
  • Bridle Roller for Steel Mill
  • Assembling Rotator Roller Bearing
  • Applicator Roller
  • Anvil Roller
  • Big diameter Roller
  • Big Diameter Roller Recoating

Rubber Products

  • Spiral Rollers
  • Silicone Sheet
  • Rubber Spiral Roller
  • Rubber Spindle Roller
  • Rubber Sheets
  • Rubber Roller
  • Rubber Roller with Diamond Square
  • Rubber Guide Roller
  • Rubber Roller with Groove
  • Pulley Rollers
  • Molded Rubber support
  • Lugage System Conveyor Roller
  • Groove Roller
  • Diamond Groove Roller

Special Grade Polyurethane

  • PVC-Curtain-Strips
  • MDI Polyurethane
  • Dissipative Polyurethane
  • Anti Static Polyurethane

Test Equipments

  • Testing Roller Roughness
  • NDT Test
  • Measuring Contour
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • CMM Machine
  • Anti Static Polyurethane Measuring
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