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On-Site Oil Filtration Services / Oil Purification
Services / Oil Cleaning Services

We specialize in oil filtration services / oil purification services and oil cleaning/reclamation/rejuvenation of oils/fluids and also related products and services.

On Site Oil Filtration Services Malaysia Singapore Brunei

We offer Oil Filtration services for all type of Industries in Malaysia. We offer filtration and purification services for
industrial oils like Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Transformer Oil, Turbine Oil, and so on. Our machine able to remove both solid particles upto NAS 4-5 and 100% moisture removal.

By performing oil filtration services, it will extend fluid life, reducing waste and the cost of replacement, and helping the environment. We can reduce your expenditure on fluids by up to 90%, in a large company that can mean millions of Ringgits / Dollars. We do not collect fluids for waste disposal or recycling but offer a service whereby we assess the suitability of the fluids for treatment and reuse. (The only exception is the industrial oil that hasn’t been mixed).

hydraulic oil filtration services malaysia singapore bruneiPlease note the important difference between recycling and reclamation. Oil recycling is a general term that typically involves changing a fluids properties ready for use as something totally different i.e. engine oil-fuel oil. Most oils end up as fuel oil and are burnt. Reclamation involves one or more of the following processes: filtering, dehydrating, washing, chemical treatment, additive spiking. Various equipment is used such as a centrifuge, vacuum dehydrator and various types of filters. Examples of oils that can be successfully treated: Hydraulic oils, lube oils, compressor oil, thermal oil, diesel, synthetic fluids, quench oil, transmission oil, mould oil, food grade oil, water glycols, EP gear oils, engine oils. Other fluids: Solvents, cleaning fluids.

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