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On Site Oil or Chemical Spill Cleaning & Management

Aqua Guard Malaysia Singapore Brunei

VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn. Bhd. and VJ Engineering Trading & Services are the Official Authorized Representative of Auqa-Guard, Canada for IMO Training Courses & Spill Response Services in Malaysia.

Our principal, Aqua-Guard’s associated company – Bennett Environmental Consultants has prepared the National Oil & Chemical Spill Emergency Response Plan for Malaysia in 1985.

Since 1968, Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc. has designed and supplied state-of-the-art oil spill response equipment and services and has established solid partnerships with major petroleum companies and government organizations world-wide. Aqua-Guard recognizes its corporate social responsibility to actively participate in the protection of the world’s most precious resource, “water”!

Partnering with Aqua-Guard, VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn Bhd offers full on-site oil & chemical spill response services with several packages to choose from. These services are designed to help you to protect your working and natural environments and to lessen the impact and incurred costs in the event of an oil or chemical spill.

Our Highly Qualified Commissioning Engineers & Technicians are available tp provide 24-hour Emergency Response with “On-Scene Commander” based on yearly contract agreement.

Our Spill Response Services inclusive of using various spill kit tools, equipments and materials including our complete range of Spill Kit items including spill kit bins, absorbent pads, booms and mixed equipment specifically made to use on site oil and chemical spill cleaning.

Our spill cleaning services covers oil and chemical spill cleaning on land, oil spill cleaning on sea or lake or water, oil spill cleaning on vessels, oil spill cleaning on board and/or at shore.

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