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MTL Gearbox Oil Sensor (MTL - Moisture, Temperature & Level Monitoring Sensor)

VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is the authorized Agent of CheckFluid, USA for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

MTL Gearbox Oil Sensor is used to sense and read Moisture, Level, and Temperature.

MTL Gearbox Oil Sensor Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei


  • MTL -Overall temperature range: 0 °C - 85 °C
  • Moisture - Sensor reacts in 5-10 seconds (based on turbulence of the oil). Accuracy: ±2 %RH
  • Temperature sensor - Sensor reacts in 5-30 seconds with Accuracy: ±0.3 °C
  • Level sensor - Sensor reacts instantly. Measurement range 0 - 99 inches (based on sensor selection)


  • Moisture, level and temperature monitoring
  • Move the display to the operator
  • Water and drop resistant enclosure
  • Back magnets for easy placement
  • Bright LED digital display
  • Extension cables up to 15ft/5m are available for remote viewing
  • Turns off automatically after 1 minute
  • NPT pipe thread sensors for easy installation
  • Replaces the need for sight glasses that discolor and break
  • CR123 Battery operated
  • Approximately 6 to 8 hours of continuous battery life (provides 210 days of daiy viewing based on 2 minutes per day)