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Spill Kit PPEs for Oil and Chemical Spills – Coverall, Mask, Goggles, Oil & Chemical Resistant Gloves

We have complete PPEs to assist your spill response and we provide custom PPE selection and proposals as per your spill response need; for both land based spill and water & waterways based spills. With our profound technical knowledge, experience and expertise, together with certified personnel in Spill Response, we have been assisting and guiding various industries on their spill prevention & response requirements.

Checkout some of our Spill Kit Response PPEs below for your selection. Please contact us for more customized requirements.

Disposable Oil Resistant & Chemical Resistant Coverall

Cheapest Oil Resistant Chemical Resistant Disposable Coverall Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Our Disposable Coverall are available for both Chemical and Oil Resistance. Both these disposable Coverall are also water-resistant. This breathable splash resistant coverall are designed with hood – suitable for all type of oil and chemical spill protection.

Disposable Mask, N95 Mask, Spill Kit Disposable Mask

Cheapest Disposable Mask N95 Mask Oil Chemical Spill Kit Mask Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Our Disposable Face Mask and N95 Face Mask is a disposable particulate respirator that is designed to help provide respiratory protection of at least 95 percent filtration efficiency. Below are the features of our Disposable N95 Face Mask:

  • NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency
  • Two-strap design for a secure seal
  • Cushioning nose foam
  • Lightweight design for comfortable long hours wearing

Disposable Splash Goggles, Spill Kit Goggles, Oil & Chemical Resistant Goggles

Cheapest Splash Resistant Disposable Safety Goggles Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Our Disposable Splash Resistant Goggles are used for protection of eyes against both chemical and oil splashes. This goggles provide excellent ventilation and very soft and comfortable to wear. The headband are adjustable and can be worn over your own / existing prescribed spectacles or glasses. This splash goggles are also available with anti-fog option.

Disposable Oil & Chemical Resistant Gloves

Cheapest Oil Resistant Glove Chemical Resistant Nitrile Glove for Oil Chemical Spill Kit Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Our Oil and Chemical Resistant Disposable Glove is a high-quality Nitrile Gloves, suitable to be used to handle both oil and chemical spills. Our Nitrile Gloves are waterproof, grease-proof, oil proof and most importantly, chemical resistant to a range of common chemicals and substances. Our Nitrile gloves are being used in various industries due to its high puncture resistance and dexterous strength.