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Diesel Petrol Fuel Filtration System

Diesel Petrol Fuel Oil Filtration System Malaysia Singapore BruneiCombust Diesel Fuel Filters are designed to be used with Combust filter-post “Converting Bushings” that will allow the same Combust Filter to be used on both the Primary and Secondary filter posts of almost all the diesel engines that are on our roads. This innovation will reduce the 1,000+ different filter part numbers that currently serve the Diesel Engine Industry to just “one” Combust Filter that will fit the Combust Filter-Post Bushings.

If you have your own fueling options for your equipment, we can custom build a filtration system to help with contamination control as well as water removal. Our stationary filtration systems can remove contaminants such as dirt, water and dust at customizable levels: From .05 micron elements up to 35 micron options, we can customize a program for your companies needs. The easy-access swing-away lid design makes replacing elements simple.

Combust Filters Diesel Fuel Filtration Removes 100% of water in your diesel fuel.

Combustion Technologies’ filter are designed for low to medium pressure applications and can be installed into an existing system or as a kidney-loop by-pass system. Combust’s patented media removes water, particles and acid content from fluids,- which no other filter can do this. Water is removed at the molecular level, so filtering is done at ambient temperatures and no oil heating required.

The Patented Depth Media of Combust Filters will benefit the engine by removing more Solid Particulates over what other filters remove and as much as 16-ounces of Water, even if it is Emulsified or Water-Separated-Alcohol and on reaching its capacity it will slow the fuel-flow to alert the operator that it is time to change the filter. And when the engine is serviced, the Primary Filter is removed and disposed of, the Secondary Filter is moved to the Primary position, and only one new filter is needed to be purchased for the Secondary Position, and in doing so, Combustion Technologies filters will cut engine fuel filter costs in half while bring the engine into compliance with our new clean air act and EPA emissions standards.