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On-Site Oil Testing

onsite oil testing malaysia singapore bruneiWe are engaged in rendering On Site Oil Testing to our valuable customers. These Oil testing are conducted by our experts help you get an idea of the oil quantity in your machines and lubricating systems. Our services are widely appreciated by our clients for their supreme accuracy level ( above 95%). The range of services comprises on site sampling of oil, moisture detection in the oil using hand held Hydrogauge, measuring viscosity level in oils and various others. Our esteemed clients can avail these services quarterly, semi-annually and annually as per their requirements.

Our Services include:

  • On-site sampling of oil
  • Millipore Patch Testing based on ISO 4406 methodology and producing results in terms of NAS 1638 cleanliness classification. This test gives and idea of solid particle contamination and kind of sediments in the oil.
  • Moisture Detection in PPM / Percentage levels in the oil using hand-held Hydrogage
  • Viscosity Identification using Visgage
  • Routine service; quarterly, semi-annually or annually for on-site oil testing