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PortBin Robot – Marine Litter / Waste Collector Robot

for Ports, Habours, Jetties, & Tourist Spots

VJ Engineering is the authorized agent of PortBin-SpilLTech, Norway for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

SpillTech has created the Portbin Robot, which actively collects floating litters/waste/garbage in ocean.

PortBin Robot - Marine Waste Litter Collector Robot Malaysia Singapore Brunei2

Portbin Robot actively collecting floating waste. Moss municipality had severe problems related to detonation cord as residue from rock debris dumped in the sea. The situation resulted in penalties from the national environmental authorities.

From the dialogue between SpillTech and Norway Environment Department, the idea of an autonomous collector came up. The size of the PortBin Robot 240 cm wide.

It can be transported on a small trailer, easy to move to new locations. Collector unit is a mesh big bag similar to those used in TrashTrawl and XL.

Some Visuals to Understand About PortBin Robot Technology