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FUELSTAT Microbial Test Kit for Aviation Fuel

Fuelstat Malaysia Singapore Brunei

VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of FuelStat – CONIDIA, UK for the country of Malaysia.


Conidia Bioscience establised in the year 2000, supporting the development, manufacture and supply fuel tests into aviation, marine and land diesel sectors. Conodia’s Fuelstat Test Kit detects microbiological contamination at the tank for middle distillate fuels using a fast, easy to use immunoassay technology that gives results in minutes and comes with a digital platform, FUELSTAT® Result to record the results in the field digitally. These tests, invented by Dr Joan Kelley, were initially developed as part of the international intergovernmental research and publishing organisation CABI. As of now, Conidia supplying to over 100,000 test kits each year across the globe.

What is Microbial Fuel Contamination

Microbial is also called as ‘Diesel Bug‘. This Diesel bug is a single microorganism or a consortium (group) of microorganisms that grow on fuels. It includes bacteria, fungi, filamentous moulds and yeasts. They feed on the hydrocarbons in the fuel and create biomass, biofilms and damaging by-products. This Microbial developed with the presence of water in fuel or oil.

Effects of Microbial in Fuel or Oil

Poor Engine Performance (Insufficient Fuel to Engine)

Increased Fuel Consumption

Degradation of Fuel Components

Block Filters & Clog Up Injectors

Leaking Fuel Tanks (caused by corrosion)

Engine failure, in Severe Cases

How to Treat Microbial / Diesel Bugs?

In general, diesel bug is best dealt with through good fuel husbandry, such as regular removal of water. but the real problems arise when and when it reaches moderate or severe levels of contamination. Once the contamination reaches these stages, you may need to use biocides to control it. In more severe cases, complete cleaning of the tanks may be required as is fuel remediation known as fuel polishing or total fuel write-off or downgrading of the diesel fuel.

How to Avoid Microbial / Diesel Bugs?

Regular testing is the safest, most cost-effective way to prevent diesel bug problems. Identifying contamination early and treating it with biocide is far cheaper than dealing with engine failure, or corrosion of the tank structure. The majority of operators have concluded that detecting and dealing with the problem early is the most cost-effective answer. This is because the costs of testing are minimal compared with the potential costs of serious contamination. In other words, you need to test your fuel regularly.

FUELSTAT® RESINAE PLUS – Microbial Aviation Test Kit

FuelStat-Aviation Microbial Rapid Test Kit Malaysia Singapore Brunei.jpgFUELSTAT® Resinae Plus, compliant with ASTM D8070, leads the field in the Airline sector. These simple to use and reliable test kits are endorsed by IATA recommendation, with inclusion in the Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, BAE Systems, Fokker and Raytheon maintenance manuals.

FUELSTAT® is an immunoassay fuel test kit for microbe detection. It can be used wherever Fuel is manufactured, stored, sold or used. Unlike traditional tests, FUELSTAT® only finds micro-organisms that do damage to fuel.

With FUELSTAT®, tests take as little as 10 minutes, unlike current growth-based tests that need at least 72 hours. With easy-to-understand alert levels, you instantly know whether you need to take further action.

The process is self-contained, requiring no additional equipment—just a single FUELSTAT® fuel testing kit for each test. It’s so easy to use, that a single individual can carry out the tests with only minimal training.

FUELSTAT® provides the lowest cost to result of any test on the market. The ONLY true on-site test that gives dependable results even in the dirtiest of conditions.

  • All-in-one test kits designed for one-person use
  • No specialist equipment or training required
  • Ultra simple test that requires 4 drops of sample
  • 15 minutes to result as opposed to 4-7 days!
  • Unique immunoassay technology
  • Detects only specific microorganisms
  • Carried out on site, even in dirty conditions.
  • Complying with ASTM D6469 – testing for contamination within 24 hours
  • Avoids time delays and expense associated with sample transportation to laboratory
  • Most cost-effective testing method
  • Trusted by aviation, marine, power generation and fuel supply customers worldwide

3 Simple Step to use FuelStat Aviation Test Kit


Introduction on FuelStat RESINAE PLUS – Microbial Aviation Test Kit

Introduction on FuelStat Mobile App for Storing & Analyzing Results

FUELSTAT® is sold in over 130 countries globally and used regularly by over 400 airlines. It is compliant with International Standard ASTM D8070.