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Doro Cutters – Reed Cutters for Mounting on Boats

VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of DOROTEA MEKANISKA – Sweden for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

VJ Engineering has been appointed as DOROTEA MEKANISKA’s Authorized Representative / agent for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, selling and providing services for Dorotea Truxor Amphibian Machinery and Doro Cutter.

The boat mounted Doro cutters are available in a range of sizes and capacities, including everything from a small electrically operated model to a hydraulic cutter with a working width of up to four metres. The cutting depths depend on how high the rails on the boat are, so the working depths given are only indicative.

Doro Cutter Wasse

Doro cutter Wasse is the most popular Doro cutter. It runs on a petrol engine, has a cutting width of one metre and a cutting depth of 0.5 metre. Doroklippen Wasse is the smallest motor engine reed cutter. Wasse is suitable when moving between different water bodies, and for maintaining small cutting areas. Then cutting depth, knife action in and out and engine start, etc, are all controlled from the driver’s seat. The light construction facilitates transport and mounting. A stone release system protects the knife from damage by solid objects.

Technical data Doro Cutter Wasse:

  • Working width 1 m
  • Cutting depth 30 cm
  • Engine B&S 3,5 hp 4-stroke
  • Driving Fan belt 4 step
  • Weight 45 kg
  • Max. boat width 180 cm
  • Item no. 93-WASSE

Doro Cutter Klippo

Doro cutter Klippo is also equipped with a petrol engine, but has a cutting depth of 1.5 metres. Doro cutter is our mid sized machine. Klippo is completely operable from the driver’s seat, including cutting depth and the action of the knives. The knife can also be placed diagonally for cutting in carpet vegetation and close to land. Klippo is equipped with a stone release system and has an adjustable frame for different boat widths. The plastic buckets serve as ballast.

The frame is secured to the rail with clamp hooks.

Undercarriage which facilitates mounting, transport and storage.

Technical Data Doro Cutter Klippo:

  • Working width 1,5 m
  • Cutting depth 50 cm
  • Engine B&S 3,5 hk 4 stroke
  • Driving Fan belt 4 step
  • Weight 60 kg
  • Max boat width 180 cm
  • Item. no. 88-KLIPPO

Doro Cutter Hymo

Doro cutter Hymo is a hydraulic reed cutter with a cutting width of 1.5 metre and an extended cutting depth of 1.1 metre. Hymo is our deep cutting machine. We use our hydraulic unit Hyddo 200 as the driving unit. Thanks to the hydraulic driving mechanism, the machine is very stable to operate. Doro cutter Hymo is delivered complete with the hydraulic unit. A stone release protects the knife from being damaged by solid objects.

  • Doro cutter Hymo Item no. 87-HYMO
  • Doro cutter Hymo extended Item no. 87-1900H

Technical data Doro cutter Hymo:

  • Working width 1,5 m
  • Cutting depth 1,1 m
  • Engine Hydraulic unit Hyddo 200,B&S 6 hp, 4 stroke
  • Driving Hydraulic engine
  • Weight 75 kg
  • Max boat width 180 cm

Doro Cutter 3070/3071

Doro Cutter 3070 Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Dubai, Oman, Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Egypt

Doro cutter 3070 is the largest boat mounted reed cutter. The cutter can be equipped with knives to yield working widths from 2.2 metres to four metres. The Doro cutter 3070 is front mounted and hydraulically operated.

Dorocutter Mod 3070 is our largest reed cutter for motor boats. The hydraulical driving gives a reliable drift. The machine is suitable for the larger jobs. An engine on the high side of 6 hp is delivering power to the cutting unit.

The Dorocutter Mod 3070 is delivered complete with frames, winch, hydraulic unit (Hyddo 200) and cutting unit with a working widht of 3 metres. The knifes are changeable with alternative workingwidths, 2 and 4 metres. The rock releaser is springing. The construction allows the knife to move sideway and backward. The Dorocutter Mod 3071 has the same specifications except for extended working depth.

Technical Data 3070/3071:

  • Working width 3 m
  • Cutting depth 0,8 m
  • Engine Hydraulic unit Hyddo 200,B&S 6 hk, 4-stroke
  • Driving Hydraulic unit
  • Weight 110 kg incl. hydraulic unit
  • 3070 Item. no 95-3070H
  • 3071 Item. no 95-3071H

Knife Kits:

  • Working width 2 m Item. no 95-90020
  • Working width 4 m Item. no 95-90040

Doro Knife Handy

Doro Knife Handy Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei

Doro knife Handy is a hand held tool for reed cutting near jetties and on smaller surfaces.User friendly tool with cutting blade and rake in one tool. Perfect for clearing small areas, eg. around jetties. The knife has a telescopic, grip friendly handle. The knives are exchangeable and the tool has an aluminium handle and electrically galvanized rake or knife.

Technical data Handy:

  • Technical data – Doro knife Handy
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Handle length: 120-200 cm
  • Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Item. no. 97-HANDY


Reed Rake

Reed Rakes Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei

Using the front mounted reed rake, the Doro cutters can be used efficiently. Reeds that can be a problem for the propeller are steered away by using the rake, which can be used with the Hymo, Klippo, Wasse and Elis machines.

  • Working width: 2.4m
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Item no. 96-VASSRÄFSA

Reed Rake for Doro cutter 3070

Reed Rakes Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei

This front mounted rake is suitable for use with the Doro cutter 3070. The reed cutter supplements the Doro cutter, and the cutting is more efficient when the rake is used to gather the cut reeds.

  • Working width 3.0m
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Item no. 96-12000

Wheel Rack

Wheel Rack Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei

The wheel rack facilitates assembly, transport and storage of the Doro cutters.

Wheel rack for Doro cutter Wasse:

  • Weight: 5kg
  • Item no. 93-HJUL

Wheel rack for Doro cutter Klippo, Hymo:

  • Weight: 6kg
  • Item no. 99-HJUL

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