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Spot Test Kit for Used Engine Oils

geserco Malaysia Singapore Brunei

VJ Engineering is the Authorized Exclusive Agent of Geserco for the country of Malaysia.

Carbon Matters Contents, Residual Detergent Capacity, Residual Dispersant Capacity

spot test kit geserco Malaysia Singapore BruneiThe GESERCO Spot Test kit allows determining easily and quickly 3 important characteristics of engine oils in service:

  • The residual detergent capacity
  • The residual dispersion capacity
  • The carbon matters contents

The test is simple and quick and can be used in the field by any personnel, even non-specialized operator.


  • Test Time: 2 hours
  • Carbon matters content: 6 grades from 0.2% to 2%
  • Detergent & Dispersant Capacity: Good / Average / Poor

GESERCO kits include all accessories, reagents and operating manuals for performing and understanding 50 tests unless otherwise specified.


  • Spot Test Guide: description and interpretation of 36 representative cases
  • Test Papers: 25 additional test papers