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AB Mount & AD Mount

VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is the authorized Agent of CheckFluid, USA for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

Why Use Oil Sampling Valves

For years companies have used oil analysis to determine the health and condition of their equipment. Most recognize the value of using oil analysis to avoid unplanned equipment downtime and for planning oil changes. However, most companies are not getting the most out of their oil analysis program because they do not understand the importance of proper oil sampling.

Oil samples are the important first step in any oil analysis program. Without one, the lab would have nothing to analyze. The aim of any predictive oil analysis program is to trend any gradual changes in fluid properties, contaminants and wear debris so that corrective action can be started in a controlled, planned manner. The results from your sample will determine if corrective actions need to be taken. An improper sample can skew these results, producing either costly false negatives or false positives. Ultimately those improper samples can cause an oil analysis program to be abandoned.

A proper sample represents the true condition of the equipment. It’s taken while the equipment is running and it is taken from the same spot every time.

Sampling valves are the best method for obtaining proper, reliable oil samples. They make it possible to take oil samples safely, while the equipment is running, from the same spot, every time. This means that oil samples can be taken at any time since shutdowns are no longer necessary. Sampling, while the equipment is running, ensures that the sample is a direct representation of the equipment’s condition. Additionally, the oil sample is coming from the same spot in the active zone every time, away from the sediment and filters. Meaning that the sample pulled will contain hot, information-rich oil that can be trended against previous samples to show the condition of your equipment.

Choosing the right Sampling Valves

Different types of equipment require different types of sampling valves. Our range of sampling valves and tubes to cover the needs of both non/low-pressure and pressurized systems.

Pressurized System Sampling Valves for Engines, Hydraulics, Compressors, Turbine, Transmission and other types of Pressurized Applications:

  • LP Pushbutton

  • KP Pushbutton

  • KST Series

Non-Pressurized System Sampling Valves for Gearbox, Reservoirs, Gear Reducers, Pumps, Bearing, Axles and other Non-Pressurized Applications:

  • LT Sampling Tube

  • LTJ Sampling Tube

  • AD Drain Mount

  • AB Breather Mount

AD Mount (for Gearbox, Reservoir, Non-Pressurized Applications)

AD Mount For Non Pressurized Application Malaysia Singapore Brunei

The AD Mount allows for installation of a permanent sampling tube without monopolizing the drain or level port. The sampling tube is bent or positioned to reach the active oil zone. The drain mount includes a quick connect with the options to add a level gauge as well and a moisture sensor.


  • Combines sampling with draining or filtration features from one port
  • Able to get a clean accurate sampling from the active zone
  • 7x faster sampling than other condition monitoring devices
  • Provides a clean permanent drain or filter cart connection
  • Allows for shorter suction connection lines for higher pump efficiency
  • Combine with the AB series for complete gearbox maintenance to create a kidney loop and fill at the top of the gearbox


  • High flow LT sampling tube
  • Extended tube- sampling tube allows oil to be taken directly from the active zone while the equipment is running. Bend tube up for sampling from the drain port
  • Filter/Drain- quick connect allows for clean draining or filtering of fluid without removing the sampling tube
  • Sideport for moisture/level options
  • Port adapter- variety of thread options to fit most gearboxes

AB Mount (for Gearbox, Reservoir, Non-Pressurized Applications)

ABMount For Non Pressurized Application Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Optimize the breather port with an AB Mount. Mount a desiccant breather, a fill port, and a return vent line while maintaining a closed system with the AB. Combine with the AD Mount for a complete fluid maintenance system.


  • Combines protection from system moisture and particulate contamination with quick fill in one port
  • Combine with the AD Mount to create a kidney loop and drain at the bottom of the gearbox
  • Option to quick connect to a filter cart with separate down tube to avoid filter contamination
  • Optional sampling tube to get reliable samples directly from the active oil
  • Optional desiccant breather offers better filtration to protect against moisture and particulates that can destroy your system


  • Quick connect with separate stainless flow tube allows quick and clean filling or filtering
  • 1″ desiccant breather port
  • Sideport for optional connection to AD vent line or Filter Minder ® gauge to monitor internal pressure
  • Optional high flow LT Sampling Tube
  • Add an Oil Mist Coalescer (OMC) with a 5″ stainless pipe riser which helps elevate the desiccant breather and minimize premature clogging of the desiccant breathers
  • Port thread adapter or 6 Bolt Flange provides variety of options to fit most gearboxes