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Starter Kit

starter kit malaysia singapore bruneiInstantly improve your lubrication and get up and running with 5 different drums and lids including a standard pump and spout extensions.

• Stumpy Spout Lid – Yellow
• Stretch Spout Lid – Red
• Mini Spout Lid – Purple
• Utility Lid – Light Green
• Storage Lid – Blue
• 1.5 Quart Drum
• 2 Quart Drum
• 3 Quart Drum
• 5 Quart Drum
• 10 Quart Drum
• Standard Hand Pump
• Pump Reducer Nozzle
• Stretch Spout Hose Extension
• Stumpy Spout Hose Extension

Color Drum Ring

color drum ring malaysia singapore bruneicolor drum ring malaysia singapore bruneiThis drum ring fits securely onto Oil Safe
containers and provides an additional layer of
color coding. A hook offers additional labeling
options with leashes and pouches.


Label Pocket

label pocket malaysia singapore bruneilabel pocket malaysia singapore bruneiPockets available in 2 sizes and fits content
labels, card stock, and more. The larger size
offers space for additional information such
as MSDS or other information.


Label Leash

label leash malaysia singapore bruneilabel leash malaysia singapore bruneiSecurely attach label pockets to containers,
drum rings, machinery, piping, and more.
Industrial grade and can be easily removed
and reused.



Rotary Barrel Pump

rotary barrel pump malaysia singapore bruneiThis heavy duty rotary barrel pump has an aluminum die cast body and includes a 2” cast iron bung adaptor
and die cast aluminum handle with security locking latch.



• Complete with a 3 pc threaded suction tube for use on 15 gallon (50 liter) – 55 gallons (205 liter)
• Recommended for use with lubricating oils up to SAE 30, gasoline, diesel fuel, and kerosene.
• 1.8 m PVC nitrile delivery hose with metal nozzle, spring, and hose clamp.
• Delivers 1 liter for 12 strokes.
• Do not use with corrosive liquids, solvents, acids, alkalis, and similar liquids. Never operate the pump near fire or source of spark.

Part Number : 950020

Lever Action Barrel Pump

level action barrel pump malaysia singapore bruneiDesigned to fit containers ranging in size from 15 gallon (50 liter) through 55 gallon (205 liter),this popular  lever action pump is engineering for industrial use.
• A plated steel lever handle with rubber grip for convenience.
• Built in 1.5” and 2” bung for use on drums with either opening.
• Premium power coated steel pump body with ribber section aluminum die cast pump head for
maximum strength.
• Curved metal spout and telescopic suction tube.
• With a non return viton seal the pump can also be used with anti-freeze, solvents, thinners, automotive gasoline, and corrosive fluids.

Part Number : 950000

Drum Opener

drum opener malaysia singapore bruneiAn easy and convenient tool to open almost all types of drums. Ends of the wrench are designed to fit perfectly onto most 2” and 3/4” drum plugs. Made of cast aluminum, hardened and tempered for increased strength.
Part Number : 950150


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