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Transfer Pump

Premium Pump

This heavy duty dischpremium pump malaysia singapore bruneiarge pump is fully serviceable, color coded, accessory port, and has an ultra comfortable D handle grippremium pump malaysia singapore brunei
Oil Safe drum



Premium Pump Quick Connect Kits

premium pump quick connect-kit malaysia singapore bruneiconnect kit premium pumpConfigure the Premium Pump for operation with quick connects enabling the container to be filled without removing the lid. It also enables attachment to machinery fill points by quick connect via the pump discharge hose.Includes discharge hose with 1/4″ NPT male adapter for pump return for fitting your preferred male quick connect, and 10 micron breather. Does not include male or female quick connects.

Premium Pump Breathers

breather premium pump malaysia singapore bruneipremium pump breather malaysia singapore bruneiProtect lubricants against airborne contaminants with these breathers attached to the accessory port of the Oil Safe Premium Pumps. Available in 3 or 10 micron.


Standard Pump

standard pump malaysia singapore brunei

standard pump malaysia singapore bruneiExcellent for lubricating hard to reach fill points. This down stroke discharge pump delivers 1 liter for approximately 12 strokes. Match with the Utility Lid and 3, 5, or 10 liter/quart Oil Safe drum.


Pump Discharge Hoses

pump discharge hoses malaysia singapore bruneipump discharge hoses malaysia singapore bruneiReplacement 5 foot hoses or 10 foot version for when a longer reach  is required. Screws onto both Standard and Premium Oil Safe Pumps.


Pump Reducer Nozzle

pump reducer nozzer malaysia singapore bruneipump reducer nozzle malaysia singapore bruneiThe nozzle fits on the end of both the premium and standard pump tips and reduces the outlet diameter to 1/4″ for small fill points.



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